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Can You Believe He’s Only 7 Months Old?
4th Sep 2010, by Second Chance

  Meet Jacky Boy! He’s pretty big for 7 months. His previous owner Kathryn who absolutely doted on Jacky must have fed him with really good stuff =) It’s Jacky’s first day back in the shed. Poor Jacky’s drooling non-stop as he was freaked out seeing so many four-legged friends :D But after one week he’s all well and used to the shed. Ain’t him just gorgeous? Even Sam can’t resist him >_<        

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Short Leg BabyBoy Need A Home!
3rd Sep 2010, by Second Chance

NAME:BABYBOY GENDER:BOY BOY AGE:9MONTHS ************************************************** *Hi all,Babyboy is now looking for a good home ,since the owner is moving to an apartment so are not able to bring him along :(he is very alert , friendly & playful,Fyi~his father is a mongrel mixed & mother is a mini terrier ....please contact vivienne 012 -2521562 for more details about BabyBoy..Thanks!

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Why Didn't You Slow Down?
3rd Sep 2010, by Zeus Communications

Did you not see me running across the road? Why didn’t you slow down? I was tired . . . .I was on heat . . . . there were so many male dogs chasing me, taking turns to mate with me. I had spent days on end, running, just to get away from them. It was painful and I was scared.Male dogs taking turns to mount the black dog (Venus)Carried onto the table for examinationI ran across the road to get away from the pack of at least 8 males dogs, taking their turns on me. I had not eaten for days b...

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Mulan Has Her Day!
2nd Sep 2010, by Second Chance

 Mulan showed her ability of being a good guard dog when she tailed and barked at some strangers outside the shed last Monday.Her alertness captured Mrs Arasu’s son attention and after interacting with her, they found that she too has a fantastic temperament. Mulan feeling anxious going to her new home   She relaxed and enjoyed the peaceful surrounding. Mrs Arasu giving Mulan a rub before showing her, her new room       Look...

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Lucky Casper! (last Known As Chuan Chuan)
2nd Sep 2010, by Second Chance

We’re always overjoyed to receive updates from the adopters on our former furrizens and we can’t help but smile when we’re reading this email from Casper’s (aka Chuan Chuan) awesome new family =) We dropped by a pet shop with Chuan Chuan to get him some new stuff before going back home. He is so smart and clever. He managed to choose his own collar, toy and bowl. (He will only walk towards or play around with those he interested, while we busy showing him one by one.) We gave Chuan ...

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Welcome To Our Humble Home
2nd Sep 2010, by Second Chance

Rawf Rawf…Hello Hello… welcome to our humble home. It may not look much to you, but to us, it is our sanctuary. It is here that we receive lots of love from the kindred souls that take care and spend time with us. We also know we will never starved. We need not worry about looking for food or running from the utterly scary people that use rope or stun gun to catch us. We really need people to come help feed us and clean our home.. because our paws are so small we are not able to clean ...

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IOI Mall Adoption Drive – 29/8/2010
1st Sep 2010, by Second Chance

We have another blast in the IOI Mall adoption drive!! 18 pups were adopted during last weekend (including those adopters who read about our press release that  came in to the shed on Saturday to have their “sneak preview”)!!! Mr Yee and family was the the first adopter in the drive. Mr Yee and his family came in to the Mall as early as 10.20 a.m. to check it out on our pups, while we were still busy setting up the booth. We have to ask Mr Yee to shop around first while we waited for t...

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Last In, First Out!
1st Sep 2010, by Second Chance

Happy Independent Day to y’all!! It’s a public holiday so of course it’s an opportunity to visit the shed. As usual, Fan, Aunty Kiew and Uncle Wong are already at the shed with the daily chores. Tony and his workers are hard at work with the shed extension too. And I got to know another volunteer I’ve never met before =) Even Kim came in the evening after she’s back from her outstation trip. And Sam is there of course. Was planning to go on house call with Sam but we’ve got to dit...

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1st Sep 2010, by Second Chance

林凱偉(中)最終在林爸爸的勸說下 領養了這只體型較大的狗狗。(圖: 明日報) 鐘燕玲(右)對這只狗狗愛不釋手, 備將它領養回家。(圖:光明日報) 吳先生與子女一同領養這只狗狗,為 打造溫馨的安樂窩。(圖:光明日報 阿嬤經驗老練,就由她來親自挑一隻 狗吧。(圖:光明日報) Paws Mission舉辦的“領養狗狗活動”吸引不 公眾參與,大人與小孩...

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IOI Mall Adoption Drive
1st Sep 2010, by Second Chance

There are so many people we like to thank for making this event a success, the list is endless. To view the pictures from the adoption drive, click here and here     Firstly, our heartfelt thanks to IOI Mall for providing us the venue for the event.         We’re extremely grateful and thankful to the students of Taylor’s College!! You all have been tremendous help for the event. Thanks for extending your help to us for this event.   ...

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So You Think It’s Funny?
1st Sep 2010, by Second Chance

One of us receive a call from an uncle who obviously think we’re too stressed out and decided that we need a comic relief. The phone call goes something like this: Uncle : Hi, you all got dogs for adoption is it? Us : Yes, Uncle : How many dogs you got arr? Us : We currently have more than 50 dogs at the shed Uncle : I want all your dogs! Us : *gasps in delight* Huh, really? Uncle: Yeah, coz i want to give then to my vietnamese workers to cook and eat. Us: *stunned* you try and see. ...

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Little And Lonely Ngah Ngah Looking For Home
1st Sep 2010, by Second Chance

Now that Ngah Ngah’s siblings have found a loving home, Ngah Ngah is all alone and miserable. Read about them here and here. Ngah Ngah is cute as a button. If you wish to adopt Ngah Ngah, pls write to us at missionshare5@gmail.com.       Ngah Ngah in happy times with siblings   Now Ngah Ngah’s all alone :( Pls, give Ngah Ngah a home ..     All by myself… Don’t wanna be, all by myself…. *sniff sniff*

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Puppy Sungei
31st Aug 2010, by Noah's Ark CARES

DISCLAIMER: THERE MAY BE CERTAIN PICTURES THAT MAY MAKE YOU FEEL UNCOMFORTABLE. IF SUCH, WE WOULD ADVISE YOU NOT TO SCROLL DOWN. THANK YOU.Stray feeding – It entails so much more than just providing food for the homeless animals roaming the streets. Sterilization is our goal and also that of many stray feeders and animal welfare groups, in an arduous quest in working towards a stray-free Singapore.When stray feeders see injured animals, they cannot turn a blind eye to it and pretend nothing ha...

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Winner Of The First Animal Communication Scholarship
31st Aug 2010, by Zeus Communications

Veron and Lynda at a recent eventMs Veron Lau, 38, is the winner of the very first Animal Communication scholarship, proudly sponsored by Animal Talk Ltd. Veron is the Vice President (voluntary) of Cat Welfare Society. She is a Communications Manager by day and cat woman by night! Here's what Veron says ; I became involved with cat welfare when I moved to my own place 7 years ago. It was never an issue where I lived previously and I came to realize that it was the dedicated work o...

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Aunty Yoke’s Cats
30th Aug 2010, by Second Chance

sAnother stray beauty spayed. Snowy is another stray kitten fed by Aunty Yoke in OUG.She helps Aunty Kiew in feeding the cats in OUG. Her first cat spayed in April 2010 Look at the cat now. According to Aunty Yoke, her tail attracts alot of attention.Just look at the variety of food she prepared for these cats Aunty Yoke with Snowy. Snowy will be released to where she stays. They too are up for adoption.If you are interested to adopt please contact us.

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Unexpected Mission…….
30th Aug 2010, by Second Chance

after Adoption Drive …….Looking For Our Lost Furrizens!I was pretty shocked when I received Sam’s call on one of our missing furrizen on our way home after the adoption drive. After one day of hectic work at the adoption drive, I am sorry I could not join in the mad search for our lost furrizen, BUT VERY PROUD to announce that I have faith in you all, my fellow friends. I truly enjoyed myself working with all these wonderful selfless ne...

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Subang Enjoying Her Role As Godmother..to Girlie’s Pup
29th Aug 2010, by Second Chance

Our dear Subang has taken up a new role. She is now the godmother to Girlie’s pups! And she is very dedicated to her new role.. guarding Girlie’s pups fiercely when Girlie is resting.         Girlie is very kind and generous to let Subang near and spend time with her pups and also grateful to Subang for the help.          Subang also help Girlie guard her house @_@ Notice that Girlie’s house has went through another upgr...

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Millie Found A Home Too
29th Aug 2010, by Second Chance

We’re overjoyed to hear that Millie has been adopted too! Unfortunately I wasn’t around to take the picture of the adopters.. Awfully sorry @_@ But we like to thank the adopter profusely for giving Millie a home. THANKS SO MUCH! Millie used to hog the shed entrance spot because she want to be sure the people who came to the shed will see her first. She believed this will increase her chance to be adopted =)

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The Smile Says It All
29th Aug 2010, by Second Chance

Why is Chuan Chuan smiling so happily? *Ruff Wuff* Hi all, i’m so happy, coz today, I will be going home with a pretty girl! I’m so lucky rite? rite? *tail wags none stop* Ah Hah! Not only him but his sibling renamed Panda went home too the day before.Blur Panda, not knowing that he is going home with Cary and Kent feeling lost being carried but we definitely know that he will not complain having a home to go to. To our 2 Cover Pups(they were featured in the S...

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Going Home
28th Aug 2010, by Second Chance

Euro and Pound felt nervous upon arrival of their new home. Mama Kunna quickly take a towel to wipe Pound dry as they throw out on to each other due to car sickness They start to warm up with new Mama Feeling comfortable and tired, they dozed off……ZZZzzzzzzz To Kunna May you be blessed with years of happiness and joy with the company of these 2 new siblings in your life.

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