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Dreams Come True
2nd Oct 2010, by Second Chance

Marisa had a dream the night before adoption drive … read about her dream here. The first time we went to her place but we couldn’t see her. The second time we called her name. We then saw a cute fluff ball running towards the gate to welcome us. She is still as cheeky but she has surely put on loads of weight! Do you bring snacks for me auntie Sam & April? How are the furry friends in the shelter? Let me show you around…. This is my own room.A spaciou...

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Calling All Fosterers And Potential Adopters
1st Oct 2010, by Second Chance

Below are her siblings still in the yard These are their siblings from the previous birth. If you have a space in your heart and your home who can care for them….. please call Fan at 012-2052906

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Fosterer Urgently Needed For 9 Pups!!!!!
1st Oct 2010, by Second Chance

We urgently seek help for fosterer who can help us to rescue this 9 innocent pups that was delivered in a market in Old Klang Road. Mama dog is currently feeding her pups, but the hawkers in the market wanted to throw them away in the dustbin if nobody is coming to take them away.Please help us to spread the news, we urgently need somebody to help us to put these pups in a safe place, before the hawkers dump them in the disposal area. We are currently buying time with the owner of the stall whil...

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Another Departure To Heaven
1st Oct 2010, by Second Chance

We wish the title is another departure to loving home.. we truly do. But as heartbreaking as it is, we keep telling ourselves that the furrizens that have passed away are in better place. After fighting for her life for a week, Kopi left us to join recently departed Samy and Poppy in heaven. Kopi, please tell them we miss them so very much and we hope they’re enjoying a free, painless and wonderful after-life.. ps: Sandy misses her boy Samy, so please give Samy a kiss on behalf on Sandy...

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Quiet And Regal, Always A Princess
30th Sep 2010, by Noah's Ark CARES

Princess 2002 – 26 August 2010Princess, our beautiful and precocious German Shepherd has left us. She will be sorely missed. Like her name, she was such a commanding presence you could never miss her when you visit the sanctuary. She made sure of that…Princess came to Noah’s Ark when she was still a puppy. Then, the sanctuary was still located in Singapore. As her name indicates, our Princess came from a pedigreed background. She was sold by a breeder as a show dog and was later diagnosed ...

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See You @ Cutie Pet Fair 2010
30th Sep 2010, by Second Chance

From cutiepetfairFrom Every Dog Has Its DayFor more information about this event,please see their event page~here & here..

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30th Sep 2010, by Green Animal Shelter & Sanctuary (GrASS)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010 URGENT HELP NEEDED Dear people, we are in desperate need of your help. We have about 12 young dogs aged between 8 months to a year old. We are desperately looking for fosterhomes for them as the boarding cost at the clinics is making us go bust. Our ha;f-way-home is full to the brim and we are desperate. If one person can foster one dog - it would be a great help to us. We are at our wits end and need fosterers urgently. We promise to get them adopted within two...

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Rose Rose We Love You
29th Sep 2010, by Second Chance

Rose is now spayed and are ready to be adopted. Rose is very unique coz she has really really short fur on her pretty face, and slightly longer fur on her slender body.   And she absolutely love getting bath! She actually queued up to get a second bath from our wonderful volunteer Karen =)        Rose is very close with Suki and Vuki. They love playing hide and seek @_@ Read about it here. Please email us if you wish to give Rose a loving home =) ...

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Pony (not Mui Mui, My Bad @_@), The Almost Furless Pup
28th Sep 2010, by Second Chance

Little Pony may not have a body full of glossy furs, but she is still as cute as a button!!   How can you not love that ears? They’re so.. ‘tickle’-able @_@ Worry not, the almost furless condition is not permanent. With proper care,  Pony will be able to blossom into a a pretty lady =) All you need is love and care. DOn’t believe? Just read about MunMun.. and Siew Siew (coming soon).

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Get Well Soon
28th Sep 2010, by Second Chance

Kopi, Ah Boy and Docky, get well very soon!! We hate to see y’all suffer :( Ah Boy, whom used to roam around the temple and were very wary of human, somehow started trusting us and Aunty Kiew managed to coax him into moving into the shed. We’re really glad that we’re able to start treating his eyes and skin condition. Unfortunately, because we haven’t had the chance to vaccinate him, he got sick :( Docky, the old man in the shed and Kopi, too, are not feeling too well. Pleas...

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Buffy Updates
27th Sep 2010, by Second Chance

Buffy under the bed vani Posted on 2010-09-18 01:10:02: Hi aunty tan, thanks 4 letting me adopt Buffy! He is a little angel..so cute n adorable and follow me everywhere..love him! Posted on 2010-09-18 17:05:13: Hi Vani, Thanks for giving him a home! Enjoy his innocence and simple mindedness vani Posted on 2010-09-18...

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Spay & Neuter Month In Conjunction With World Animal Day (4 October 2010)
27th Sep 2010, by Zeus Communications

WORLD ANIMAL DAY• To celebrate animal life in all its forms• To celebrate humankind’s relationship with the animal kingdom• To acknowledge the diverse roles that animals play in our lives – from being our companions, supporting and helping us, to bringing a sense of wonder into our lives • To acknowledge and be thankful for the way in which animals enrich our lives(Taken from http://www.worldanimalday.org.uk/about.asp ) Zeus Communications launches its Spay & Neute...

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Dou Dou Needs A Haircut.. And A Home
26th Sep 2010, by Second Chance

Dou Dou’s fur getting longer..  it’s almost covering his sparkling pair of eyes. Now we can’t have that, can we? :P Anyone who can help trim Dou Dou’s fur, please please do email us. We won’t be able to ..ermmm… compensate you, but we’re sure Dou Dou would shower you with excessive love (,”) When Dou Dou first arrived in the shed, he used to “sing” non-stop (especially if we’re attending to the needs of other dog).. and snarled when we told him off.  Quite ...

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When Friends Get Together, Miracles Can Happen
26th Sep 2010, by Zeus Communications

And indeed it has! Venus may not lose her limb after all.She has been at the Vet for a full month now and not only is she getting bigger and stronger by the day, she is also regaining her confidence. She is snapping and growling at visitors and sometimes Natasha, the massage therapist who had kindly offered to help Venus. Natasha has been massaging Venus thrice weekly and has seen some improvement in Venus. Natasha massaging Venus, with Cary (right) ensuring Venus stays calmCary ensuring Venus b...

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The Saddest Part In Our Mission
25th Sep 2010, by Second Chance

Rest In Peace, Dear Samy and Poppy. We’re sorry we didn’t manage to find both of you a home. It break our hearts to see both of you off to rainbow bridge but… We truly hope you two are in a much much better place now.

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It Never Hurts To Daydream >_<
24th Sep 2010, by Second Chance

What our furrizens probably daydream about @_@     A home of my own, with lots of Tender Loving Care..               Lots of yummy chewy bones… yum yum *DROOLS*             Wanna take me home? I haven’t had the chance to go to school to learn command like “sit”,”roll”, “stay” etc yet, but I would love to be given an opportunity to learn all this! But rest assured, if you hel...

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23rd Sep 2010, by Green Animal Shelter & Sanctuary (GrASS)

ADOPTION DRIVE petepicure | September 23, 2010 at 5:00 pm | URL: http://wp.me/pgCgf-8I Pet Epicure Adoption Drive Date: Oct 23rd and 24th Time: 10am to 4pm Venue: Pet Epicure, Tmn Melawati We are having our annual adoption drive (which we had to skip last year because we were in the midst of moving) and would love to have you join us.  It'll be a good time to chat because we'...

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Home Needed Urgently
23rd Sep 2010, by Second Chance

These two handsome boys need a home urgently. Both male, hound mix, about 6-7 months, vaccinated, spayed and healthy. Mickey is darker brown, with cute droopy ears and sparkling eyes. Popeye has husky grey brown tone and very steady. Both are smart, has good natural watchdog instinct with deep mature voice. Love going for walks. Had basic training commands to sit, stay and shake hands. Not yappy, very good natured and easy to train. They may look big but still very much pups at h...

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One More……….
22nd Sep 2010, by Second Chance

A mummy dog again. Obviously there will be puppies around. I will not bring the puppies to the shed. I know its better for them in this place than the shed at this moment….but.…but…..but… the presence of a little black puppy bothers me. I have seen him running inside this abandoned yard, sometimes alone and sometimes with the pack of dogs here. Yesterday, I was pretty surprised as this little puppy bravely sneaked forward from the corner of the gate for the food I offered. I was ...

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High Blood Pressure? Pets Reduce Stress. Be Unique. Adopt
22nd Sep 2010, by Zeus Communications

"Many people have high blood pressure for years without knowing it. Uncontrolled high blood pressure can lead to stroke, heart attack, congestive heart failure or kidney failure. The only way to tell if you have high blood pressure is to have your blood pressure checked. According to recent estimates, one in four U.S. adults has high blood pressure, but because there are no symptoms, nearly one-third of these people don't even know they have it. This is why high blood pressure is often called th...

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