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Happy Missy
15th Sep 2010, by Second Chance

Lucky Missy was adopted by Madam Chan and is now happily living in a loving home =) Thanks very much Madam Chan for giving Missy a home! Missy singing to herself  **ddiiddi dumm daddiidaa .. What a wonderful life** *Gasps* I smell Sam!! *sniff sniff sniff*     Ruff wufff WoOfff!!!! Sam 姐姐, you came to see me!! *Waggy wag wag tail* Do you miss me? Do you? Do you? How is everyone at the shed?               CHeck ou...

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All Teddy Bear Want Is Home
15th Sep 2010, by Second Chance

Hi all, I am Teddy Bear. I am also looking for a home. I am young, energetic and absolutely love human companion! Also, I love getting tummy rub! Yes, the key to my heart is tummy rub *wuff wuff* If you find me irresistible, please give Michelle a call at 012-2585035.  

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A Deep Sense Of Loss
14th Sep 2010, by Zeus Communications

Venus has been at the vet for two weeks now. After having gone through so much pain and suffering, she has almost nothing left in her. Having had a miscarriage, scabies and a hip dislocation, all within a short span of time, a deep sense of loss and hopelessness can be seen in her eyes as she spends her days staring blankly.She has had a steady stream of visitors – readers of our blog, animal lovers, friends etc; either visiting her or stopping by to make a contribution to her vet bills. Her b...

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Please Give Lily A Home Too
14th Sep 2010, by Second Chance

Lily is the last dog from one the earliest batch of pups that Aunty Kiew rescued. Poor Lily… she has been bidding farewell to her childhood furriends one by one for the past 6 months and she’s the only one left of the bunch. Please give Lily a home. She deserves a loving home too. She really is a good girl and she must be feeling really down now, wondering why nobody choose her.  Ooh yeah, do click here to read about funny story of dear Lily >_<   This is the letter...

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Mail From Lotus
13th Sep 2010, by Second Chance

Before we could post our pictures taken on Lotus’s Birthday party,Lotus has written to Thank us for attending her party.  Dear All, I turned one year old a few days ago and Chris decided to throw a birthday party for me at Dr Lee's vet. I am so happy to see all of you. Thank you for taking the time to come and see me & to celebrate my 1st birthday... Thank you for bringing and introducing some of your (fur) friends to me too... We had a great time!!! It...

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Weathering The Storm
13th Sep 2010, by Noah's Ark CARES

An early Sunday morning in August, there was a huge storm that stuck NANAS. Howling winds and darkened skies were an indication that a big storm was approaching. True enough, it was not long before it started raining heavily. Within minutes, severe winds came through the main lodge, causing mayhem on the second floor. As a result of the unrelenting winds and continuous rain, the roof was seriously damaged, especially since there was a lack of a wall structure to break the wind. Whist we were com...

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Great, Great Advice.................
11th Sep 2010, by Second Chance

THIS IS A GREAT LESSON IN LIFE AND LONGEVITY    Be nice to others, because . . Time WILL make a difference!    One day you will no longer be the big dog... just the old dog....  and it's nice to be surrounded by friends.

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Come And See Our New Suites!
10th Sep 2010, by Second Chance

The shed is over populated and we decided to make more rooms for the furrizens, especially to house the new arrivals. Our 4 legged friends are definitely excited about their new suites…and here are some pics on the work in progress. Uncle Tony was busy checking out the raw materials…Thanks to uncle Tony who contributed his free time to build all this beautiful half way home for the furrizens here… Special thanks to Eileen who contributed the tiles… Aunti Kiew and Uncle Wo...

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10th Sep 2010, by SPCA Ipoh

ISPCA FOOD FAIR Hear Ye! Hear Ye! We will be holding our annual Food Fair on 7th November 2010 at the St John’s Ambulance Hall (HQ), Ipoh. The Fair will be held from 9.00 am to 2 pm. Food coupons are priced at RM10-00 per book and are available now and during the Food Fair. If you wish to purchase the food coupons now, please call Judy at 012-4551443. Besides an array of sumptuous food for you to pick and purchase, the following events will be held as well :- (1) a demonstration by th...

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2 More For Adoption
9th Sep 2010, by Second Chance

Males 3 1/2 months Ginger is the pet of a young girl. She was not aware that her pet was pregnant until it gave birth to 3 puppies.If you are interested to adopt Buffy and Puffy please contact Fan 012-2052906.

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We Are Going To A Party!!!!
9th Sep 2010, by Second Chance

    Dear Wai Sam, Fan , Aunty Kiew (and the rest of rescuers and volunteers),   Our dear lotus turns one today!  She has been with us since 26 February 2010, and how time flies. We never realized she has turned from a little baby girl to a very elegant young lady in such a short period of time. She is a joy to have and everyone seems to love her, from relatives, friends to neighbors.  Somehow, 'Princess Lotus' is her nickname by many but...

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Bibi’s Pups ~ Gone Too Soon
9th Sep 2010, by Second Chance

Despite all the pre-cautions steps taken, we‘re totally baffled when Bibi’s pups leave us one by one.. This is why we’re always in need of fosterer for mum and their new borns. This is also why we’re reluctant to take in pregnant mummy or very young pups. It always break our heart when the furrizens in our shed leave us this way.. Aunty Kiew/Uncle Wong/Fan/Mrs Lai clean the shed everyday on weekday while the rest of the volunteers help clean the shed on weekend, the four-legged fren are...

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Zeus 2011 Calendars In Aid Of The Street Dogs And Cats We Help
8th Sep 2010, by Zeus Communications

Starring the abused and abandoned pets that we have helped, as well as featuring our pet projects, the Zeus Communications’ 2011 Calendars are finally here! All funds raised from the sales will go towards the sterilization of industrial dogs and street cats, as well as the rescuing and rehoming of abandoned and abused pets. The proceeds will also be used to provide pet food to caretakers and security guards who devotedly care for strays on their premises.Zeus 2011 Calendars on Sale Now at...

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8th Sep 2010, by Green Animal Shelter & Sanctuary (GrASS)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010 ADOPTION DRIVE Dear all,this time of the year is always very frightening for us due to the large number of rescues. This is because the mating season was just over. We now have with us countless dogs, cats, puppies and kittens. Given this we will be holding our adoption drive at The Summit Subang Jaya this Sunday Sept 12 from 11.00am to 7.00pm. We are also very short of dog and puppy dry and canned food as well as only have a bag or two of rice left. This is a ve...

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Sandy And Her Handsome Boys
7th Sep 2010, by Second Chance

  Sandy may look like one genteel lady, but she is actually one very athletic mama! If there’s an olympic for dogs, she would most likely be the gold medalist for the high jump event.. Well, it would be a stiff competition between her and Mun Mun and Bibi :D Sandy has been missing her boys Samy and Billy Boy for a week as they were away in the vet. She was totally overjoyed to see her boy Samy back from the vet… Hhmmphh.. Sandy sure have her own unique way of showing her love to ...

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Noah's Ark Calendar 2011
6th Sep 2010, by Noah's Ark CARES

Dear Friends, Supporters and Well-Wishers,Buy a Noah's Ark CARES 2011 Calendar and help support the animals rescued by Noah’s Ark Natural Animal Sanctuary and Noah’s Ark CARES.2011 is the Lunar Year of the Rabbit. The rabbit represents humility, because it is soft and cuddly, quiet and unassertive.In a legend from India, a rabbit travelled in the company of an ape and a fox. The god Indra, disguised as a hungry beggar, decided to test their hospitality. Each animal went in search of food, an...

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Jody, Too, Is Adopted
6th Sep 2010, by Second Chance

     Goodbye Jody!! All of us will miss you tremendously! Be a good gal and shower your new family with lots of love okay =) Many Many THANKS to Jody’s new family for giving her a home!      

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Full Moon Celebration For Girlie’s Baby
6th Sep 2010, by Second Chance

Wondering why is our EMO queen so happy today? Because today it’s her god-puppies’ full moon party! Let’s Parteeey!!!!!! Mun Mun & Snoopy got so excited & kissing Subang non-stop! Jacky boy got pretty excited too as his previous owner – Kathryn brought him egg tarts & chicken rice! Today’s a special day.. the first full moon celebration we ever had in the shed. Aunty Kiew even bring a nice table cloth and cooked plenty of red eggs for the occasion. ...

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Grooming Session?
5th Sep 2010, by Second Chance

Vivien and Annie dropped by at the shed to check out on the furrizens. Twinkle’s long and messy hair caught their attention. Both Vivien and Annie decided to give her a personal grooming session. Twinkle can’t wait for her grooming session, she waited patiently for Annie to trim her hair.-Pic 1 Vivien helped Annie to hold on to twinkle – Pic 2 It is not an easy job, see how professional Annie was – Pic 3 Hmmm…2 adults handled 1 small pup…what a luxury…   ...

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Thank You !
5th Sep 2010, by Second Chance

THANK YOU to Mugu of Taman Desa Debbie and Adrian  who came all the way from Serdang without all of your support our path would definitely be very bumpy.

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