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Animal Welfare News & Blogs - March 2019

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Updates On 26th Mar 2019
26th Mar 2019, by WWF Malaysia

Join the #myearthhour2019 Challenge on TikTok. This Earth Hour, you can smile as bright as the stars with TikTok. From 25 to 30 March, TikTok is supporting Earth Hour with their exciting event, ‘See nature with laughter and lights out’, aimed at raising awareness of the importance of conserving nature. It is easy to take part, visit: https://bit.ly/2TW1dgP Even our beloved Datuk Lee Chong Wei is supporting the cause, so let’s join him now! #Connect2Earth #EarthHour

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Today The Ispca Committee Visited A Temple Which H..
26th Mar 2019, by SPCA Ipoh

Today the ISPCA committee visited a temple which has been recently tenanted by a group of strays (who migrated from the garbage dump from the other side of the hill). The temple has decided to neuter the strays (ISPCA TNRM Program) and release them back to the area near the temple for them to moce around freely and at the same time, volunteers and staffs can continue feeding them. Some of the strays were sick and hurt, but were treated after being sent to the vet. 今天 ISPCA 委员到访一...

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Updates On 26th Mar 2019
26th Mar 2019, by WWF Malaysia

From land to sea, we’re all connected to this brilliant planet! And that’s why it’s up to us to protect the ecosystems and communities most vulnerable to climate change. This year for Earth Hour, we'll be focusing on our freshwater conservation efforts. Please show your support by visiting https://bit.ly/2Cw1c7x and check out our #EarthHour events in Penang and Kedah on 30 March 2019, 8:30pm #Connect2Earth Photo: © WWF-Malaysia / Maxentius Donysius

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Senior Blind Dog Gets His Own Seeing-Eye Puppy!
26th Mar 2019, by AnimalCare

What a lovely story: https://www.news.com.au/technology/sci ence/animals/a-senior-dog-is-getting-his-own-seein geye-puppy-after-losing-his-eyesight/news-story/c1 cc52460dbd4fa425c0bc020f812e1c

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Updates On 26th Mar 2019
26th Mar 2019, by PetFinder.my

Black For Adoption — Georgetown, Penang https://PetFinder.my/pets/92902 Little Black was rescued from a factory area when she was barely a month old, foraging alone without her mommy. This active, friendly and cheerful girl makes for the perfect companion. Does anyone have a huge heart to offer her some love?

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Photos From SPCA Selangor, Malaysia's Post
26th Mar 2019, by SPCA Selangor

👋👋👋👋Lost dog found in Taman Bukit Mewah, Kajang today 26/3. Please call Mr Maniam at 0172408780 . Please share this post. 🙏🙏🙏

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Updates On 26th Mar 2019
26th Mar 2019, by WWF Malaysia

WWF-Malaysia sincerely thanks Jasmine Yeo Suk Peng, Miss Earth Malaysia 2018, for supporting Earth Hour by sharing her #Connect2Earth story about why nature matters to her. Share your Earth Hour story here https://bit.ly/2RWyAOr or join us for Earth Hour events in Kedah or Penang on 30 March, more information here https://bit.ly/2BWku6J #EarthHour Music from Audio Network: Nature's Song by Philip Guyler. Videographer: Amanda Nayra and Ezen Chan. Video editor: Ezen Chan.

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Updates On 26th Mar 2019
26th Mar 2019, by WWF Malaysia

Only FOUR days to go until #EarthHour 2019! Have you added your voice for the planet? 🌱 Pledge to make a change today https://www.earthhour.org/voice 🌱. Together, let’s #Connect2Earth. Switch off and speak up for #nature on 30 March at 8:30pm, our local time.

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Hi, My Dog Priska Escaped Around The Gurneypulau T..
26th Mar 2019, by SPCA Penang

Hi, my dog Priska escaped around the Gurney/Pulau Tikus area. She has 2 collars on, 1 red and 1 beige (flea). My number is 016-4809 808. Many thanks!

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Dead Whale 'Ate 40kg Of Plastic'
26th Mar 2019, by PetFinder.my

A dead whale that washed up in the Philippines had 40kg of plastic bags inside its stomach.

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Jangan Rasa Macam Semua Kat Dunia Ni Kau Yang Puny..
26th Mar 2019, by SCRATCH

Jangan rasa macam semua kat dunia ni kau yang punya, Tuhan cipta makhluk nya dalam pelbagai bentuk dan rupa. Sila berkongsi. jangan tamak dan riak. *share *care *respect

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A Guide To Pet Vaccination
26th Mar 2019, by AnimalCare

This is shared by a reader: https://animalpatient.com/vaccination -guide As you all know, we have restarted our Vaccination Aid now, so if you’d like to apply for your rescued/community animal, here are our policies: www.myanimalcare.org/vacc/.  Our aid is only for the first two vaccinations in an animal’s life (the first and a booster (if necessary)). But please be also aware of the dangers of over-vaccinating pets: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2010-08-18/ vets-accused...

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These Are The Dog And Cat Food We Bought For The D..
26th Mar 2019, by TNRM Malaysia

These are the dog and cat food we bought for the dogs in our transit centre and cattery this month. As a non profit NGO, we rely solely on public fundings. We don’t mind the hand on works, we need your support in term of monetary funds. These three bills totalled up to Rm1,796 ( Rm810 + Rm580 + Rm406 ). Every month, we have to spend about Rm3k to 4k on foods. We have some regular sponsors. For these, we are calling upon your generosity, hope you can contribute. No amount is too small. Please c...

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After Halting Trapping Work For About 3 Weeks , Ye..
26th Mar 2019, by TNRM Malaysia

After halting trapping work for about 3 weeks , yesterday we resumed catching. We are back on track. Yong contacted our member for help to catch and neuter some cats she has been feeding. We went over yesterday and managed to catch this female cat. She has been sent for saying. Thanks so much Yong for helping her and also for sponsoring her spaying cost.

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Yum, Yum, Yum. Thank You All For The Food. _______..
26th Mar 2019, by The Great Animal Rescue Chase

YUM, YUM, YUM THANK YOU ALL FOR THE FOOD __________________________ Last week we asked for emergency help to buy food for the animals cared for by this small but mighty Serbian rescue team who has laid hands on a whopping 7,000 animals. They were completely out of food and could not borrow more from the pet supply shop, but thanks to all of you, the animals now have plenty to eat. "I'm crying like a baby. I'm so happy," said Lela Bucek who is a founding member of the Organization for the Ri...

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Photos From Soi Dog Foundation's Post
26th Mar 2019, by Soi Dog Foundation

Living in a world of darkness does not stop me from brightening your day! My name is Palmthorn and although I do not look or act like it, I am fully blind. I hope that does not stop me from finding a loving family. Will you give me a chance to prove to you that love is blind! Interested in adopting me? Email adoptions@soidog.org!

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26th Mar 2019, by Soi Dog Foundation

I’ve never had an owner to love me. My name is Zadonin. I'm a former street dog who has been living at the Soi Dog shelter since being found seriously injured at the side of the road. Will you please sponsor me? https://bit.ly/Sponsor-Zadonin Local people said I was hit by a speeding car, which left me with a fractured spine. When I first arrived here, I used to drag one of my hind legs when I walked. But I’m a fighter and after months in the care of the Soi Dog vets, I recovered well. Th...

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We Were At Gems International School This Past Wee..
25th Mar 2019, by Turtle Conservation Society of Malaysia

We were at GEMS International School this past week, and spoke to the teachers, students and their parents about the importance of saving our terrapins, and how we could all keep plastic bags in our homes and schools, instead of throwing them away, because there is really no such thing as "throw away." The students were extremely enthusiastic, and the parents were so proactive and entrepreneurial! Together, a group of parents sponsored 14 paintings, turtle plush toys, at least 10 copies of a sc...

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This 2 Poor Little Kittens Were Dumped In Lassie P..
25th Mar 2019, by Langkawi Animal Shelter & Sanctuary Foundation

This 2 poor little kittens were dumped in LASSie probably at night and found dead in dog kennels in the morning ,probably accidentally ran into our dogs area in fear and confused but was killed by the dogs .... We hope that everyone understand we are an animal shelter, so we not only have cats but dogs around too ... to prevent this sad incident happening again please do dump kittens or cats in a good way ( talk to our staff or place them in a cage )as they deserve some respect

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Photos From Soi Dog Foundation's Post
25th Mar 2019, by Soi Dog Foundation

Living on the streets and having to fend for herself, Mohan ended up in a world of pain after being badly bitten by an aggressive monkey. Thanks to the kind person who called our shelter, she is safe now but homeless animals like her urgently need you: https://bit.ly/Help_Dogs_Like_Mohan Please join the Emergency Response Team with a small monthly gift that will fund the rescue, medical treatment, and shelter of sick and injured homeless animals that have nowhere else to go. Your support will a...

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