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GrASS Land Funds Upate
26th Aug 2010, by Green Animal Shelter & Sanctuary (GrASS)

To Our Wonderful Supporters,We have currently received a total of MYR 1581.89. These funds are kept in our bank account and will not be touched until we have reached our goal.We thank you for all your support & we keep praying and hoping for more donations to pour in.

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Why We Need Land So Urgently?
26th Aug 2010, by Green Animal Shelter & Sanctuary (GrASS)

Because we want to stop the stray dogs and cats from being abused by evil people.What they do to strays? Beat them up, torture them, butcher them, shoot them with rubber bullets to kill them after catching them in an inhumane manner.Now, we want to have a center not only to help the domesticated stray animals but also the wildlife as there are plans to build a second animal testing facility in Malacca, Malaysia.The first one was found in Bukit Mertajam, Malaysia but has yet to be exposed.Plea...

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GrASS Requires Land & Building Funds
26th Aug 2010, by Green Animal Shelter & Sanctuary (GrASS)

As of June 2010, GrASS is now about 1.5 years old. GrASS is currently aiming to raise funds to acquire land on the mainland of Penang, Malaysia as land on the island itself is scarce & very costly. With this in mind, GrASS has decided to bring together a few other animal shelters & independent pet rescuers whom have the same goal in mind to make it all come true.Because we do not have land, we are limited to the number of strays we are able to take in. Our shelters are fosterers, ...

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26th Aug 2010, by Second Chance

Thank you to Irene Liew for the goodies she brought and time for visiting us at the shed. Your presence has brightened up their day!!! Wrrr…oof,wrrr oooof!!!! Hope to see you again.

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Sneak Preview…adoption Drive On 29 August 2010, IOI Mall
26th Aug 2010, by Second Chance

Leng Leng aka Misty Rain – a lab mix Age : 3 months Gender : Female Characteristic : Energetic, wild, love to play, independent, smart and alert!! Vaccination done : 2 jabs Please drop by at IOI mall if you are interested in Misty Rain!

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Great Great Surprise From TeesFactory!! 限量版动物T-Shirt义卖
25th Aug 2010, by Second Chance

**将会于现场义卖的动物T-Shirt**PawsMissi on狗狗中途之家将会在这个月二十九号 星期日于蒲种IOI MALL(the linkway, 1st floor of IOI Mall)主办一场室内狗狗领养会,时间 当天上午十一时至下午六时,目标是 为近三十只无家狗狗寻找与他们的新 人。除了狗狗领养活动,当天现场也 会同时举行义卖T-Shirt 活动。由Teesfactory特别赞助设计精美的 限量版动物T-Shirt ,希望藉此筹款帮助更...

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Another Lost Dog Found
24th Aug 2010, by Second Chance

Eileen found this dog yesterday evening at USJ 18, Subang Jaya. He was walking very slowly in an empty field and came to her when Eileen called him. He was panting and seemed very tired. Ate a bit of kibbles and followed her to her car. Eileen tried to carry him but he snapped at her. Luckily according to Eileen her gloves came in handy and she managed to heave him into the car. He was very quiet and slept all the way to the vet. Eileen hopes to find his owner. He is not a young dog, hi...

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Lost Dog Found
24th Aug 2010, by Second Chance

Teresa found this lost dog in Old Klang Road on Friday, 20 August 2010, midnight. This female dog was wandering near Taman Kanagapuram intersection, 6 1/2 mile in Old Klang Road. According to Teresa, she responded to her when being called. Teresa is very sure she is a pet dog because of her friendly nature. The dog , who was later named Bingo by Teresa, let her leashed her and climbed into her car willingly. Please help to take a closer look at this picture and see if you have seen her ...

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Shall We Meet Again~期待与你再相见
24th Aug 2010, by Second Chance

PAWS MISSION 将会在本月二十九号 星期日 在蒲种IOI MALLthe linkway, 1st floor of IOI Mall举办新一轮的室内狗狗领养活动时 从上午十一时至下午六时到时将会有 超过三十只狗狗 与大家见面欢迎各位朋友约朋友一起 参与这项活动哦。。谢谢^^!

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Little Joe Goes Home
24th Aug 2010, by Zeus Communications

Volunteers discharged Little Joe from the vet and returned him to the factory on Sunday. He was very quiet on the way there and kept looking out of the windows. When volunteers turned into the lane he lived on, Little Joe immediately jumped up and was visibly excited - he knew he was home! On the way homeThe moment Little Joe got out of the car, he raced up and down the road as if he was doing an invisible obstacle course - he was lucky that it was Sunday and there were no other cars on the road...

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A Blessing In Disguish ??????
23rd Aug 2010, by Second Chance

3 cute puppies From: One of the temple ‘s member. Reason for being in the temple: Do not know what to do with them and can’ t keep them at home because they already have 2 adult dogs at home. Apparently they took their female dog to be spayed( Coincidently, we met him at the vet when he brought his dog for some medical attention) BUT he accidently took his male dog to the vet instead !(Anyway we were glad it happened, otherwise he would not neuter his male dog). Our reg...

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Mario Carey
23rd Aug 2010, by Second Chance

Yes, if there is to be a dog equivalent to Mariah Carey, it would be Mario! He’s feisty, he craves attention but the one trade that set him to be of same level as Mariah is the high-pitch voice they shared @_@ If you love Mariah Carey, you would love Mario too! To read more about Mario and his saviour, Zura and family, click here.    

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Hide And Seek
23rd Aug 2010, by Second Chance

Vuki and Suki may be wary of us, but they get along just fine with the rest of the furrizens. One of their favourite game is hide and seek. Ok, here’s how we play.. You two count until 50 while i go hide. No peeping ok..   Hmmphh.. where to hide? where to hide? Okay, time’s up. We’re gonna start looking for you..   *Sniff sniff* *sniff sniff* I can smell her, but i can’t see her Hehehee… Can you spot her?

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3 New Pups
23rd Aug 2010, by Second Chance

Firstly, I'm ashamed to admit that i have no idea what their names are or where they come from. And i forgot to check for their gender @_@ Maybe someone can enlighten me =) But these 3 pups are absolutely adorable and deserve a loving home.   *Please.. take us home* Cute Pup # 1       Cute pup # 2       Cute pup # 3    

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Improvising Is Aunty Kiew’s Specialty
23rd Aug 2010, by Second Chance

    We need to feed the pup cough medicine.. but am not able to locate the syringe.. But worry not, Aunty Kiew manage to find a straw, cut it shorter and voila, we got ourselves a “manual” syringe! ps: We did manage to locate the syringe in the end >_<   Aunty Kiew had also did some upgrade the Girlie’s place.  It was previously not properly floored and can be quite stuffy. Aunty Kiew inserted pieces of plank to serve as floor, and she changed the ...

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Azalia’s Tale By Su Mei Lenden-Hitchcock
22nd Aug 2010, by Noah's Ark CARES

It was a Wednesday afternoon and a group of us were headed for our very last gathering before my friend left for Australia to further her studies. It had been years since we last met. As usual, the same two friends were late and so my friend Jia Rong and I met up first. We had known each other since primary school and we were both passionate about animals. And that’s when it all started…Knowing how much I cared about animals, Jia Rong told me about two kittens she had seen on her way to meet...

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First Look At Girlie And Her Pups
22nd Aug 2010, by Second Chance

Girlie and her pups haven’t got any coverage yet as they have been holed up in a secluded area in the shed in order to give them some privacy.   We would love to keep them in a family suite too but unfortunately there’s only one in the shed and Bibi & pups are already occupying it. Girlie and pup will have to make do with this. But rest assured, Aunty Kiew is always looking for way to improve their home.       Meet Girlie, the proud mama.    Oh ...

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Bibi’s New Pup?
22nd Aug 2010, by Second Chance

I was in Bibi’s family suite, taking picture of her and her pups.. *click click snap snap*..       ???? Is this Bibi’s pup too?  I don’t recall seeing him previously.. Or maybe he was just hiding when i last came.     It was only after I asked April about her new rescued pup named Hugo that i realized this black pup is Hugo.. ooOOooo.. Am so blur… There’s new faces every week.. We really hope that more people would adopt these adorable furr...

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Chocolate Milk
21st Aug 2010, by Second Chance

Chocolate and Milk makes a good drink.. don’t you think? :D         CHOCOLATE (Yes, she’s called Chocolate)                  AND         &# 160;        0;                MILK (Sophia)               MAKES A GOOD ...

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The Tale Of 2 Sisters
21st Aug 2010, by Second Chance

I first met Vuki and Suki at MV Expo. They’re still little pups back then. Compared to the other pups, they were extremely well behaved. They don’t bite or scratch the newspaper, they don’t try to jump the playpen.. they just..sleep and watch the crowd.. It was later that i learned they’re wary of human. Suki and Vuki during the MV Pet expo:     Somersault Vuki Vuki is the gal with the funny ear… at first i thought it accidentally folded that way but after a few t...

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