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Also Available For Adoption But….
9th Aug 2010, by Second Chance

        &# 160;        0;                 &# 160;        0;           You have to be patient until they get their 1st vaccination   Tommy and Tammy playing happily in Mrs Lai ’s house   Picture taken  on the day of arrival. Tommy and R...

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Siew Siew Is Off To A Luxurious Getaway!
8th Aug 2010, by Second Chance

The very gentle Siew Siew, whom haven’t got a chance to go for any adoption drive yet, finally got the “holiday” she so deserved. Yes, Siew Siew will be off the a pampering getaway, courtesy of ALice. ( Thanks so much Alice!! )   Siew Siew bidding farewells to her shedmates. *Goodbye y’all! I’ll be back better, prettier and energized! @_@        

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Dou Dou’s Got A Crush!
8th Aug 2010, by Second Chance

Yes! Dou Dou, who just got a new haircut was feeling a bit insecured due to the sudden lack of hair, but this does not stop him from developing a crush on none other than….. Can you guess who she is? >_< She’s the furrizen custome designer and she always drop by to help walk the dogs and also clean the shed and feed the dogs…     Dou Dou enjoying his walk around the temple.. and unknown to all of us, slowly developing a crush on “her”.. ~...

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So In Love… With Roxie
7th Aug 2010, by Second Chance

It’s a good thing no male adult dogs are around when Dizzy drop by with the stunning Roxie to visit us at the adoption drive last week. It was my first time seeing Roxie. I have only seen picture of her in our blog prior to this.. and my, she’s absolutely gorgeous! What a transformation it is from when she was rescued… More on Roxie here and nope, i don’t mean surgically.. it’s all pure love and care .. and maybe some grooming :D       Roxie and Dizzy   &...

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One In One Out
7th Aug 2010, by Second Chance

 Sharon with  Millie and Mylie Sharon was adopted by Ester for her parents in Taiping last April 2010. Since the day she left Millie has been crying most of the time. The 2 sisters seems lost though Mummy does not play with them even if she is around but will give them the affectionate kisses ocassionally. On hearing this kind Ester decided to take Millie home too. Millie crying for mummy Sharon  Mylie became a lone ranger when Millie was adopted. She looke...

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New Product: Cheesy Bites For Dogs
6th Aug 2010, by Green Animal Shelter & Sanctuary (GrASS)

Price: MYR 17.50 per pack  of 350 grams /           MYR 50.00 per kilo (kg)Chew-a-bility Rate: Semi Soft

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New Product: Oatmeal Cookies For Dogs
6th Aug 2010, by Green Animal Shelter & Sanctuary (GrASS)

Price: MYR 15.00 per pack of 300 grams / MYR 50.00 per kilo (kg)Chew-a-bility Rate: Semi Soft

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New Product: Peanut Butter Delights Dog Biscuits
6th Aug 2010, by Green Animal Shelter & Sanctuary (GrASS)

Price: MYR 25.00 per pack of 500 grams / MYR 50.00 per kilo (kg)Chew-a-bility Rate: Semi Soft

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Twist Of Fate
6th Aug 2010, by Zeus Communications

On Monday evening, on one of our regular feeding rounds, we came across an emaciated dog. We had seen him a few times previously, and have always made an effort to feed him more, but this time he had a deep wound on his neck. He lived outside a factory and the night guard there cared for him. He told us that one night when he came to work, he had seen the wound but was not aware how the deep wound came about. He had been trying to medicate it with some “Chinese powder” but to no avail.We imm...

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Home Wanted
6th Aug 2010, by Second Chance

  With more than 50 furrizens (most in the shed and some are being cared for by our amazing fosterer), I still don’t know half the names of the furry fren here.. But these lovely pups and dogs are all looking for home. Would you like to take them home?   These siblings of two are very close and still quite wary of human. They mostly keep to themselves. It breaks our heart when we see them shied away from human touch.       Funny Ear dog ( I think on...

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Our Phones Has Never Been This Busy @_@
6th Aug 2010, by Second Chance

Since the coverage on our plight in the STAR ( Thank you Eileen so very much ), we have been receiving almost non-stop calls from many many people whom expressed their interest in adopting and also helping us and making contribution and donation to our plight. Words cannot express how grateful we are (TQ so so very much from the bottom of our hearts) to receive such positive responses. We would also like to apologize (Very 的’sorry yea)  if we’re not able to accommodate to a...

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6th Aug 2010, by Second Chance

To all the dog lovers out there, don’t miss this year’s Dogathon that will be held this Sunday (8th August 2010) at UPM Serdang. This is a great opportunity to give your furry fren a WON-DOG-FUL day. For more info, pls click here. ps: We do hope that lovely people who adopted from our shed would take some time to check out this event      with their new fur-mily member too >_<       ** WUFF WOOF RUFF RUFF **  YEA YEA WOULD ...

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Food Donation Drive - August 2010
5th Aug 2010, by Noah's Ark CARES

Dear Friends and Supporters of Noah's Ark,Pets' Station has kindly approached Noah's Ark and offered to conduct a food donation drive for us for the month of August 2010!Noah's Ark animals definitely have something to rejoice about as more yummy food coming their way! The food runs out faster than you can imagine at the sanctuary. For this drive, Pets' Station is offering a total of 11 items from their SportMix and Nature's Plan range that supporters can choose to purchase during this period. Th...

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News: Guinness Record On BN Stray Dogs...
5th Aug 2010, by Green Animal Shelter & Sanctuary (GrASS)

MALAYSIA SELALU BOLEH !!!     True or not? Believable, we are in Malaysia Boleh land.   If this is true, where do you think the RM700,000 goes into?? Subject: Guinness Record on Stray Dogs: BN Govt pay contractors RM700,000 in Sepang to catch 20,000 stray dogs a month = 666 dogs/day = 1 dog per MINUTE     Will the MACC - Mana Ada Corruption Commission men investigate? Maybe that Salak Tinggi MP should ask th...

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5th Aug 2010, by Green Animal Shelter & Sanctuary (GrASS)

ROCKY MALAYSIAN DOGS DESERVE BETTER will host its monthly adoption drive at the Summit Subang Jaya on Sunday, July 8. A large number of rescued puppies would be put-up for adoption this time around as well. Rocky, who was rescued by Eugene would also be there at the drive. Eugene is desperately looking for a family that would take Rocky in. Rocky was rescued after he was run over by a motorcycle several months ago. One of Rocky's front paw has some permanent damage but the 9-month old pu...

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[Penang] Dog For Adoption: Piky- For Rehoming To A Good Home
5th Aug 2010, by Green Animal Shelter & Sanctuary (GrASS)

Piky is a healthy, good-looking, spayed female dog with good temperament.   Dog's Name: Piky Breed: Cross between Husky and Pit Bull Birth Date: Nov 2008 Sex: Female Colour: Grey Date spayed: 11th Dec 2009 Place spayed: Pejabat Veterinary, Pulau Pinang Comment: Very active, playful and smart. Highly trainable. Reason To Give Away: Owner's age is already 67 years and physically not fit to handle and to cope with its growing-up size. It is a pity if Piky cannot come under a bett...

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Have You Met Snoopy?
5th Aug 2010, by Second Chance

  This cheerful gal with a bright smile is Snoopy! Ain’t she a sunshine? She was rescued from Cheras by a kind uncle just 2 days before our adoption drive. She’s got a bit of injury on her neck and her back but it never dampen her mood. Such a darling! And it so happen that this is the same dog that Vien has been feeding at Cheras too..  Vien was so worried when she didn’t see Snoopy in Cheras anymore. What a relief it is for her to see Snoopy here.    ...

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Frosty Aka LCM (Lar Zar Mau) : Finally It’s My Turn!
5th Aug 2010, by Second Chance

   We’re keeping our fingers cross for Frosty, well known for his mischief and jail break ^_*       We’re totally overjoyed when these awesome people decided to to adopt Frosty. We’re awfully grateful to you for giving Frosty a home. Gracias!               Not taking our chance due to Frosty “Jail Break” reputation and to ensure no chasing taking place at Kuchai Lama, Nicole secured the trans...

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His Majesty, Johnson Sr Come, See, And Conquer
4th Aug 2010, by Second Chance

His Majesty Johnson Sr is indeed the royalty of the dog shed.. Why, you wondered? We have to send Gim and Joe to invite him to come to our dog adoption drive. And the poor men have to “sweet talked” him into coming too. :D When all else fail, they have to carry him to the “Coach”..  His Majesty has arrived! Johnson with one of his fan, Vien’s fren >_< and we’re so privileged that he granted us a photo shoot! Okay Johnson, we hav...

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Soldier Reunited With Dogs That Saved His Life
4th Aug 2010, by Second Chance

ATLANTA -- A soldier from metro Atlanta was reunited with two stray dogs that are credited with saving his and other soldiers' lives in Afghanistan."It's surreal," said Sgt. Chris Duke of Newnan. "I can't believe how good he looks. I'm amazed that he lived. I really didn't expect it."Rufus and Target, two stray mutts that befriended some U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan, arrived at DeKalb-Peachtree Airport on Thursday afternoon. The dogs, along with a third one, foiled a suicide bomber trying to sne...

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