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Neutering Aid For 1 Cat In Mahang, Kedah (Lee Ming’s)
16th Aug 2019, by AnimalCare

We have provided an aid of RM100 for the neutering of this cat. Ms Lee Ming is a new applicant. This is the female cat at my work place (Mahang, Kedah). After feeding for more than a year, it born kittens for two times, and most of the kitten died. I can’t bear to have more kittens died, so I take it for neutering surgery. This female cat is very scared for people, and it took more than a year to get me close to it. This is the reason why i can’t take more photo for it. After neuter...

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Double Charity Donation To PAWS
16th Aug 2019, by AnimalCare

Recipients: The dogs at PAWS Donors: NandaLeonie Hong Siew Lan, In loving memory of Vincent and Zurik. The petfood: Alps dog kibble 13kg Salmon – 4 packs Turkey – 4 packs We thank Avant Pet for the free delivery.

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Enjoy Healthy, Natural Cuisine At Namul Vegan Cafe..
16th Aug 2019, by PetFinder.my

Enjoy healthy, natural cuisine at Namul Vegan Cafe, a petite and cozy wooden restaurant near Petaling Street KL! Feast on a variety of Japanese, Korean and local delights, featuring natural and organic ingredients, hand-made with love and heart. Get 20% off with KindMeal.my: https://KindMeal.my/Namul/deal-650.htm

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Double Charity Donation To Imm’s Shelter
16th Aug 2019, by AnimalCare

Recipients: The dogs and cats at Imm’s Shelter Donors: Kok Khee Wee, Ahmad Amir Kamil, Wan Tai Seng, In memory of Mr Chan Kam Loon (from his family), In loving memory of Zurik and Vincent. The petfood: Cindy’s Favourites 400g cat canned food Tuna Chicken – 4 boxes Alps dog kibble 13kg Salmon – 2 bags Alps Classic 100g dog canned food (pate) Turkey – 2 boxes We thank Avant Pet for the free delivery to Perak. About the Double Charity Donation: https://myani...

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How To Photograph Wildlife Ethically
16th Aug 2019, by PetFinder.my

Putting the well-being of animals first should be every photographer’s goal. National Geographic photographers share tips on how they do it.

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You Got A Friend In Me. Its Rough Falling Ill, Eve..
16th Aug 2019, by Animal Concerns Research & Education Society (ACRES)

YOU GOT A FRIEND IN ME! It’s rough falling ill, even more so when you must isolate yourself from the rest of your friends or the world! While not all iguanas enjoy the company of another, Green Lantern and February (you may remember her from our previous post), who is leaning on her roommate, found a friend in each other as they recover from malnutrition and calcium deficiency. Many a times we receive illegally kept exotic animals who come in with numerous health problems induced by various ...

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1682019- Sad To Say We Have Not Received Any New D..
16th Aug 2019, by TNRM Malaysia

16/8/2019- sad to say we have not received any new donation to this bill since 12/8/2019 we shared. The collected amount still stands at Rm3,900 . We still need Rm2,498.39 . Please help us by contributing. There are other new bills to ask for donations. Thanks so much in advance.

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Eng Version Below. Panda,. Panda Panda. 2103. L. 2..
15th Aug 2019, by Homeless & Orphan Pets Exist (HOPE)

(eng version below) 高度怀疑被人斩断尾巴、同时还 严重性病的母浪浪 (笨珍北干那那区) 爱心姐姐发现家附 的浪浪不见了一天,回来后吃惊的发 现狗狗整条尾巴突然就不见了,屁屁 个大伤口 (切口平整),怀疑狗狗尾巴是被人切断 的 浪浪在外不是风吹雨打,就是三餐 不济,我们乞求的只是即使你不爱它 ,也不要让它们的日子更痛苦、更难 ! 可怜的毛孩一直想舔自...

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The Dodo
15th Aug 2019, by PetFinder.my

These orphaned baby raccoons are learning how to survive — with help from the sweetest mother dog 💞

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Chris Believes Every Dog In Second Chance Shelter ..
15th Aug 2019, by Second Chance

Chris believes every dog in Second Chance Shelter deserves a home. He took outstanding photos on Feista. Feista was the pup who being rescued during Pet Feista 2019 , Shah Alam . Now he is 6 months old and has been fully vaccinated, he will be scheduled for his neutering surgery. Chris said :"I pray it to encourages an adopter or a sponsor for the doggies. 🙏🙏thanks to Chris for being so kind for taking the beautiful photo of Feista. let's hope Feista to find his second home very soon!

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Introduce To You Wan You Her Unimates From Univers..
15th Aug 2019, by Second Chance

Introduce to you Wan You & her unimates from University of Nottingham~~ They are planning to run a volunteering program at our shelter in Oct . Last weekend, they visited our shelter to understand and plan for their group’s volunteering. Thanks to Wan You & her unimate, we look forward to receiving their extra hands! 😎😎

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The Orchid Mantis Is One Of The Fiercest Insects
15th Aug 2019, by Roots & Shoots Malaysia

How cool is this little critter?! 😎😎😎 The Orchid Mantis (Hymenopus coronatus) is yet another reason to preserve and conserve our forests...let's not overlook the many insects 🦋🦗 and invertebrates 🐛that help to create an ecosystem 🌳, especially when they are as gorgeous as this! Credit: @brut.nature #orchidmantis https://www.facebook. com/brutnature/videos/294078924831462/

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Kronologi Pembunuhan Anjing Tiada Pembelaan Dan Ke..
15th Aug 2019, by Malaysia Animal Association

KRONOLOGI PEMBUNUHAN ANJING TIADA PEMBELAAN DAN KEADILAN TAHUN 2019 1. Belasan anjing dibunuh di Lavender Heights Senawang Negeri Sembilan - Tiada Tangkapan. Tiada Pendakwaan. Kes Senyap 2. Anjing ditembak dan dibunuh di Kota Tinggi Johor - Tiada Tangkapan. Tiada Pendakwaan. Kes Senyap 3. Anjing dipakuk muncung hingga putus di Sabah - Kes tidak dapat diselesaikan. Tiada tangkapan. Kes Senyap 4. Dua anak anjing dibunuh di Gombak Selangor - Tiada Tangkapan. Masih Tiada Pendakwaan. Kes Senyap. ...

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Turtle Camp Is One Of Our Turtle Awareness Program..
15th Aug 2019, by Turtle Conservation Society of Malaysia

Turtle Camp is one of our turtle awareness programmes that focus on spreading turtle conservation awareness among teachers and students, especially primary students. Through our Turtle Camp, teachers and students acquire new knowledge of turtles and the environment beyond what is taught in the school, thus enabling them to make educated decisions about how their everyday actions such as consuming turtle eggs could contribute to the extinction of a turtle species. We promote the change of att...

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Feelin' Down Lately? Fret Not We'll Take Care Of I..
15th Aug 2019, by SPCA Selangor

Feelin' down lately? Fret not we'll take care of it! Visit us this weekend and get away from all the gloom and doom! You can adopt, donate, or just say hi to all our residents! *Tuesday to Sunday 10am-4pm

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Spca Adoption Drive At Pets Day Out 17 Aug, Sat. H..
15th Aug 2019, by SPCA Singapore

SPCA ADOPTION DRIVE AT PETS’ DAY OUT (17 AUG, SAT) Hang out with SPCA and other animal welfare groups at Hort Park this Saturday, 9.00am to 3.00pm! There will be animals for adoption, merchandise sales, pet-friendly F&B, animal workshops, free basic vet checks and more. Potential owners can meet our senior Jack Russell, Popo, five kittens and other small animals from 10.00am onwards. Popo (featured) was found near a church at Boon Lay. She appeared scared and frail when our animal rescue t...

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Hari Ini Kecoh Lagi Satu Kes Tembakan Mati Lapan E..
15th Aug 2019, by Malaysia Animal Association

Hari ini kecoh lagi satu kes tembakan mati lapan ekor anjing oleh Polis Bantuan sebuah perusahaan di kawasan Kotasas Kuantan Pahang. Mematikan haiwan gelandangan mesti bersebab. Tembakan mati haiwan gelandangan hanya boleh dilakukan secara berauthority atas sebab darurat dan mendapat kebenaran Lembaga Kebajikan Haiwan oleh pihak berkuasa haiwan. Soalnya jika benar tembakan kematian anjing dilakukan Polis Bantuan. Apakah kuasa Polis Bantuan yang hanya bertugas menjaga pintu gate sesebuah kawasa...

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Msg Fr Vichitra. Did Anyone Lose Their Dog Around ..
15th Aug 2019, by TNRM Malaysia

Msg fr Vichitra : Did anyone lose their dog around Kelana Jaya area SS5/SS3? This doggie has been seen wandering and lost, and clearly belongs to someone. Has a blue turquoise collar on. He/she is currently dodging cars and looking for food. If this is your dog or someone’s you know, kindly contact 0173609471/0143246739. Thanks.

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Has Anyone Seen This Dog. Last Seen In Choong Lye ..
15th Aug 2019, by SPCA Penang

Has anyone seen this dog.. Last seen in Choong Lye Hock Road, Tanjong Tokong around 8am on 15 August. Black dog with light brown paws, flappy ears and a curly tail.. Wearing a blue collar and ticks grey collar. Just rescued 2 days ago and still sick. Pls contact +60125868269 and share 🙏

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All Quiet
15th Aug 2019, by AnimalCare

It’s been quiet for a few days now. Heidi still follows me to the park for taiji practices, but she is not as active as before. If she runs a bit, she tends to breathe heavily after that. For the past two days, she wanted to go home earlier, so today, I took her back first. We thought of not letting her follow to the park anymore, but it is the highlight of the morning for her. She waits at the door with hopeful eyes. You cannot say “no” to those eyes…. Heidi stays clos...

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