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Found At Setia Vista 3 Days Ago - Hoped They Could..
10th Oct 2020, by SPCA Penang

Found at Setia Vista 3 days ago - hoped they could find owner but no luck so far. Female. Phone 0189102766 - pls call if this is your dog. Very healthy and friendly.

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Sos Sos Sos We Received Two Disabled Dogs From A S..
10th Oct 2020, by Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better

SOS SOS SOS WE received two disabled dogs from a Seremban rescuer today. A little boy and a older young dog. The older dog has been admitted and is weak and anemic whilst the puppy is under home quarantine at our place after first consultation. How to say no to such pitiful cases even when we truly cannot afford it. Please help us help them. If you are able to help with the veterinary bills, herewith the details. Please post transfer slip here or WhatsApp to 0122501497. Thanking you in anticipat...

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10th Oct 2020, by Homeless & Orphan Pets Exist (HOPE)

给那些认为把猫狗丢到街上找吃没问 的人,你知道被弃养的它们,可能根 活不过三天吗? 要养就要有担当 PLEASE, NEVER ABANDON YOUR PET.

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Thank You Elizabeth For Coming All The Way From Po..
10th Oct 2020, by Second Chance

Thank you Elizabeth for coming all the way from Port Dickson for Crab (original story here: https://www.facebook.com/123225317770742/posts/347 1479226278651/?extid=0&d=n ) We hope she is getting along fine with your cats. ❤️🐾 Here’s wishing the family many magical moments together! 😘

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Tux Baby Was Found At An Apartment Guardhouse. Thi..
10th Oct 2020, by PetFinder.my

Tux Baby was found at an apartment guardhouse. This truly cheeky and affectionate boy is guaranteed to brighten your life! He is now in search of a caring and responsible family. Adopt Tux Baby now at Cheras, KL: https://PetFinder.my/pets/101268

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Appeal For Information Blk 624b Punggol Central. T..
10th Oct 2020, by Animal Concerns Research & Education Society (ACRES)

APPEAL FOR INFORMATION: BLK 624B PUNGGOL CENTRAL Thanks to a member of public, a tip-off alerted us to the illegal trapping of wild birds at Blk 624B Punggol Central near the badminton court. We received photos of three men laying traps on the grass and hung cages with birds on the trees nearby. Due to pending rescue cases, we were unable to attend immediately. The alleged poachers left soon after they realised they were being watched. ACRES would like to seek more eyes in the area, to help ...

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Guide To Harnesses Webinar Starts At 3pm Today. It..
10th Oct 2020, by SPCA Singapore

GUIDE TO HARNESSES WEBINAR STARTS AT 3PM TODAY It’s not too late to join us! Join here: https://bit.ly/36tYUX3

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Bro, You'll Be Dearly Missed. Saddest Moments For ..
10th Oct 2020, by Animal Concerns Research & Education Society (ACRES)

BRO, YOU'LL BE DEARLY MISSED ❤️ Saddest moments for all of us, as we pay our final respects to our dear Raj. Raj joined us as a wildlife rescue officer, then volunteered in between, just to join us again as our education executive. As a vegan himself, he was passionate about making a difference and empowering individuals on cruelty-free lifestyle. He was so full of personality, from being an amazing cook, to a passionate and curious person willing to learn, to a witty talkative buddy, t...

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Top 10 Reasons To Spay Or Neuter Your Pet
10th Oct 2020, by SPCA Selangor

🐈 🐕 Have you neutered your pet or community pet yet? 🐈 🐕 Make an appointment by calling us at 42565312! TLDR: 1. Neutering provides major health and behavioural benefits for your pet 2. Spaying and neutering helps fight pet overpopulation!

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Pet Adoption Drive Ongoing Now. Adopt Dont Buy. _...
10th Oct 2020, by Homeless & Orphan Pets Exist (HOPE)

又来了!🤗 狗狗、猫咪领养会进行中 ~ 🐶🐱 Pet adoption drive ongoing now ADOPT DONT BUY. 希望好运降临在孩子们身上 ❤ 让他们找到一个家 大家帮帮忙给力 分享噢 💪 _ 👇👇👇 今天 (10/10) 12pm-6pm 📍 G23, The Pet Safari, Toppen Shopping Centre, Desa Tebrau JB #我们在新山Toppen购物广场里的The Pet Safari宠物店 (驾车来的朋友 : 请停在P1那层, G39柱子附近的入口是最靠近The Pet Safari的) #领养拯救生...

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Life With Quality For Dogs In Spca Selangor. Every..
10th Oct 2020, by SPCA Selangor

Life with quality for dogs in SPCA Selangor. Every dogs after they've passed their health quarantine (sometimes takes months), they'll be integrated into the general population waiting to be rehomed. They'll be spending most of the time in the park socializing, playing and mingling with other dogs. As the saying goes, tired dog is a good dog. Once they're back into the kennel we don't have to be worry about them getting restless and start barking away. We have 2 trainers, Moses and Amin who ...

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Dear Beautiful People,. My Name Is Shamini Popiko ..
10th Oct 2020, by Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better

Dear beautiful people, My name is Shamini Popiko Sasha and I am MDDB's principal pooch. Matter of fact, it was I who wrote the first post when MDDB came into existence on Nov 4, 2008. Today, they say I am the grand old lady of MDDB. I am 14 years and feel fine in spite of having had a stroke a few months ago. My late-mother was a pregnant stray rescued by one of the MDDB people and I was born in house. My hope is for all the puppies with MDDB currently to be adopted tomorrow. Please dear peopl...

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Beatboxing Starlings
10th Oct 2020, by PetFinder.my

Ever heard a beatboxing starling?

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Spca Puppies Are Having A Fun Run On Their New Pla..
10th Oct 2020, by SPCA Selangor

Spca puppies are having a fun run on their new playpen.❤️All are vaccinated and healthy.....we are open this weekend and daily except for Monday, our only day off. Come visit them🌹🌹🌹

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Meninggal Dunia Langgar Kerbau Ternakan Berkeliara..
10th Oct 2020, by Malaysia Animal Association

Meninggal dunia langgar kerbau ternakan berkeliaran di jalan raya di Parit Perak.. Pelajar jurusan Kejuruteraan yang baru mendaftar di sebuah politeknik tiada pembelaan. Setiap tahun banyak kematian dicatatkan kerana kemalangan melanggar haiwan ternakan di jalan raya. Namun tiada satu pemilik haiwan mampu dan dapat diheret ke mahkamah dan dijatuhkan hukuman. Keluarga mangsa hilang insan tersayang. Pemilik haiwan ternakan berkeliaran hilang entah kemana dan bebas begitu sahaja. #dvs #perhilita...

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Repost Suani3. I Made It A Point To Drop By Kemama..
10th Oct 2020, by Turtle Conservation Society of Malaysia

#Repost @suani3 • • • • • • I made it a point to drop by Kemaman to see @drpelf81 and to get terrapin-print batik masks from @tcsMalaysia. Dr Pelf is this amazing woman who has dedicated herself to turtle conservation work. Our Malaysian terrapins would thank her for saving them from extinction, that is if they could speak. And now Pelf has embarked on a project that raises fund for her NGO, but more importantly empowers the Kemaman kampung ladies to earn their own money. These exc...

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Lost Penny The Cockatiel Was Lost At A Football Fi..
10th Oct 2020, by PetFinder.my

[LOST] Penny the Cockatiel was lost at a football field next to Regina Residence condo, Subang Jaya. He can say "Hi Penny", "Smoky", "Peekaboo" and "Penny is a good boy". He has a small bald patch on top of his head, where feathers are yet to grow fully. Please help reunite Penny and receive a RM400 reward: https://PetFinder.my/pets/101807

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Muffin. Holiday. Jingle. Pancake. 10/10/2020 12pm-..
9th Oct 2020, by Homeless & Orphan Pets Exist (HOPE)

祝孩子们在明天的领养会有好运!🙋 不是故意这样安排的,现在才发现本 出列的毛毛们都是走洋派的,都有洋 名 😆 #点进照片认识它们 ~ 🐶 六岁贵宾犬Muffin 🐶 五岁特殊狗狗 Holiday 🐶 七个月大小狗狗Jingle 🐱 三岁猫咪Pancake 🐱 五岁猫咪玛丽莲梦露 👇👇👇 来临 六领养会 10/10/2020 (12pm-6pm) 📍 G23, The Pet Safari, Toppen Shopping Centre, Desa Tebrau JB (停在P1那层, G39的柱子...

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Dogs Used To Detect Coronavirus In Pilot Project At Helsinki Airport
9th Oct 2020, by Save A Stray


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Dog Survives Longest Spca Surgery In 2020 World Ve..
9th Oct 2020, by SPCA Singapore

DOG SURVIVES LONGEST SPCA SURGERY IN 2020 (WORLD VET NURSE DAY TRIBUTE) Last week, a dog (Pancake) underwent SPCA’s longest surgery in 2020 thus far. The surgery was over 5 hours long, and over 60cm of intestines were removed. X-rays revealed unfamiliar objects in his abdomen. Turns out, he had eaten a door stopper, which was chewed into three parts and entangled in pieces of towel. Most of the towel was stuck within his intestines, which were removed. The door stopper acted as an ‘anch...

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