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Alvin – Looking For A Home Too!
26th Oct 2010, by Second Chance

Alvin may look big in size but he is a little boy at heart. Alvin has been with us in the shed for nearly 2 months and he seems to be enjoying his stay here with other furry friends a lot.

Alvin could be a big bully at times but he is definitely an adorable boy in our hearts. Alvin is about 1 year old, vaccinated and neutered. He has fluffy hair and certainly enjoy petting from human friends. If you think you are interested in making him your companion at home, please do drop by at t...

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Nike Found His Home Too!
26th Oct 2010, by Second Chance

Nike was rescued from a golf course in Nilai by uncle Tony. He was wandering along the road side without mama dog around. Uncle Tony picked him up and took him home.In the pictures see Nike playing “manja” with auntie Kim.Nike found his home too in Cutie Pet Fair.We strongly believe everyone can do something for the strays on the street as long as we are willing to put in a little bit of effort. With all the heads and hands together, we hope we are able to make a better living place for the ...

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Dou Dou, The Handsome Boy In The Shed
26th Oct 2010, by Second Chance

Dou Dou is famous for his super loud voice in the shed and very very attention demanding. He knows when to seek for attention, i.e when somebody is in the shed helping out. But when everybody left, he will keep his voice down. Everybody that visited the shed will not miss seeing him. His voice do really disturb us sometimes, but Apple found him to  be very adorable and loving. This little sweet darling, never fail to show his affection towards Apple whenever she comes to the shed. Ha...

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Pearly & Skippy– Spayed!!
26th Oct 2010, by Second Chance

Elusive Pearly was finally sent to vet for spaying. As usual it is hard to predict her emotion. Dr Goh said she did not response to him when he tried to lure her out from the cage. Pearly almost bitten Dr Goh’s leg. But luckily nothing unexpected happen. Dr Goh has to give her a jab before he can finally move her out from the cage for the surgery.The photos below are after her surgery. She does not trust any one of us, stays quietly in the cage. We hope she will build her confidence with human...

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Little Elmo Going Home Instead Of Ah Bee
26th Oct 2010, by Second Chance

Ah Bee was supposed to go home   with Tzu Lee’s mum last weekend, but Ah Bee FREAKED OUT!! She was suddenly in the limelight. The centre of attraction. Something which she is not used too. She is with us for almost month and getting all these attention does make her uneasy and unhappy. She jumped out of the car and flea behind the temple!   With Aunty Kiew chasing behind her she came back for the reassurance and security hug. Poor Bee. No worries you will have your day...

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The Naked Truth 30 Oct 2010
26th Oct 2010, by Noah's Ark CARES

The Naked Truth is an educational seminar for pet owners. There will be a series of speakers discussing various topics on pet ownership and nutrition.Date: 30 Oct 2010, SaturdayTime: 2 p.m. - 6 p.m.Ticket price: $18 with free goodie bag worth $30!To register, please email juleana@addictionfoods.com with the subject title "The Naked Truth" together with your Name, Contact No., Address, Email Address, No. of Pax, Breed of Pet(s)OR call Juleana at 62738981 between 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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4 Comels
26th Oct 2010, by Second Chance

When it comes to cute and pretty kitten, people will normally comment, “soooo comel….”.Here are 4 little comel found in my sis office area. she could not find their mother around.The kittens are too cute to resist. So my sis decided to bring back to her office premises to care for them. Too bad, some of the workers found the poop and pee to be unbearable. Hence we are looking for other alternative to locate this 4 kittens. One of them appear to be falling sick and we plan to take her back ...

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Movie Screening By Cat Welfare Society & The Arts House
26th Oct 2010, by Zeus Communications

Dogs, Cats and Humans: Working Together Against Pet Abandonment“Over 300,000 cats and dogs are put to sleep each year in Japan, a shocking figure that director Iida Motoharu discovered when he began to make “Dogs, Cats and Humans). The documentary started when the director received a request from an elderly woman to make a film that would save the lives of abandoned dogs and cats on the streets of Japan, and the resulting product is both alarming and heartwarming. Filmed over the course of f...

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Spay,spay,spay And Neuter,neuter Neuter
24th Oct 2010, by Second Chance

This is what we have been doing for the past 2 months…… In and Out of the clinic to prevent unwanted pregnancies       and .. and … we even brought our adopted Skippy to be spayed!!!!

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Tammy Found A Home Too!!
23rd Oct 2010, by Second Chance

Tammy was fostered by Mrs Lai ever since she was rescued. This lil cutie found a good home too!! Thanks to Ms Woon for showering her with lots of LOVE she deserves.    Tammy has grown up so much!!

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Caught Her Too !!!!
22nd Oct 2010, by Second Chance

Our elusive Pearly is finally caught… Good Job Uncle Wong and Mrs Lai! This girl is in our shed but never trusted us after so many months with us. She will be sent for spaying. We still have one more to catch……yes, its Diamond. We will try……running around the shed and the temple is really not fun… but still it has to be done…. Any Volunteers??????

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We Caught Her!
21st Oct 2010, by Second Chance

Diamond and Ruby They escaped from the shed more than a month ago. We have tried catching them back but we failed several times. We suspect that they may be on heat as there are 2 new male dogs suddenly appearing around the temple.This time with great determination we decided to catch them and WA LAH ! Ruby was caught!April and Kim cornered Ruby to a confined area opposite the temple. Poor Ruby, pee and poo all over the floor out of fear..Kim leashed her when she tried to dash out of the confi...

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Rescue Remedy And Healing For Pets
21st Oct 2010, by Zeus Communications

Our pets mean the world to us. That's why we have a list of essential items below that all pet owners must have. There are many reasons why pets have emotional issues. When your pet presents you with a behavioural issue, there may be underlying reasons for that behaviour. What worries us, may not always worry your pet; and vice versa. Pets have emotions, just like you and I. They have also been known to take over the emotions of their owners; such as if the owner is stressed ...

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Cycle & Carriage - Irish Red Setters
21st Oct 2010, by Noah's Ark CARES

Hello hello!My name is Cycle and and I am an Irish Red Setter.I came to Noah's Ark 8 years ago in the big shift from Singapore to Pekan Nanas. I have a sister and her name is Carriage.Word has it that a wealthy man paid a deposit for us to be imported from Australia. However, he was too busy to take care of us and left us at the pet shop to be rehomed.Both of us were puppies then and were kept in the pet shop where we had many other puppy friends to play with. Eventually, our puppy friends went ...

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Keiko – Moving To A New Place
20th Oct 2010, by Second Chance

Our lil’ celebrity Keiko has been rehomed to Jayne in Putra Heights. Check out the pixie below…. From uncertain in new environment….   Are you my new papa & mama?   Why am I here? *puZzzled* To craving for attention… Mama… Let me in puhlease….. ahh… I love lying down on the tiles…. You know… puppy’s skin is very delicate… I’m loving it! Mama, can I watch Nat Geo channel? We are extremely happy for you lil’ K...

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20th Oct 2010, by Green Animal Shelter & Sanctuary (GrASS)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010 ADOPTION DRIVE XENA will one of the puppies up for adoption this weekend. T-SHIRTS for sale DUE to the large number of puppies and dogs literally raining down on us, MDDB will hold additional adoption drives this month. 1) Saturday, Oct 23rd Summit Subang Jaya Main Entrance 11.00am to 7.00pm 2) Sunday, Oct 24 Palm Square (ground floor), Jaya One, Section 13, Petaling Jaya 10.00am to 7.00pmThose wanting to adopt a pet are cordially invited...

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20th Oct 2010, by Second Chance

…… Lily found a home too!!! Our last soldier from Aunty Kiew ‘s first batch of rescued pup went home with Linda last weekend. Lily has gone through a lot of ups and downs, good times and bad times with us and she certainly deserve to have a proper home. Lily loves to sleep in a cage and Linda has bought a new one just for her! Lily loves to play with toys too! Thanks Linda for sharing your home with her. Lily really is a good girl, not demanding at al...

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Animal Reiki
19th Oct 2010, by Zeus Communications

Understanding Reiki - It's All About ENERGY!Sometimes controversial, Reiki is a Japanese art of healing. It is the channelling of the universe's life-force energy to heal and strengthen. Reiki is a spiritual technique that communicates with bodies, whether human or animal, at the deepest level. The technique used in Reiki is commonly called palm healing. The practitioner of Reiki places his or her hands on the recipient’s body, transferring healing energy. Reiki works in conjunction with the&n...

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Newly Delivered!!
18th Oct 2010, by Second Chance

Mama dog May delivered 4 pups recently. Aunty Kiew busy setting up temporary shelter for the family. Oh Boy!! We have 4 more new babies….they are like little soft balls… Please call us if you are able to help us to foster this new family!!

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Kittens Were Successfully Rehomed Too!
18th Oct 2010, by Second Chance

5 of Aunty Kiew’s rescued cats from the markets found their home too!! They were rehomed in Cutie Pet fair!! See the pics, aren’t they look cuuuute?? Thanks to Vivien and friends!!

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