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The Yard Puppies ……
17th Oct 2010, by Second Chance

Bella ……… gone home Charlie Mohawk and Smokey Eyes ……. gone home Bobby and Ah Ngiao …….. gone home Charlie Brown (renamed Bobo) …… gone home ……very bossy and demanding according to Mrs Leong. Wants to sleep on Ms Leong bed only!! ……but still ONE MORE (haiz..)………….. kept by yard owner. Hope he will be taken good care off ……(wish we have the space earlier to take him away)

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Better Owner, Better Dog
17th Oct 2010, by Noah's Ark CARES

The Better Owner, Better Dog seminar is back this year in its third year running! Organised by Pets Magazine, the Better Owner, Better Dog seminar is the largest scale dog care seminar of its kind in Singapore. Dog owners, both new and experienced, can all learn something new from this seminar with a local panel of 5 speakers giving valuable and practical insights and answering questions covering pet health, diet, training, alternative therapies, grooming and bonding. There will also be ne...

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Our Innocent Furrizens
16th Oct 2010, by Second Chance

Chocolate : Got It! Let us see, Chocolate! Chocolate: Its Mine! What is the strange looking thing that SQUEAKED??? Sandy: Let my boys see Chocolate:Its Miine! Sandy : Grrr……..!!! Chocolate: Its Mine, Chocolate: Its Mine!!! Chocolate: Grrrr… Don’t Touch!! Chocolate: G...

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The Naked Truth (Pet Owners' Seminar)
15th Oct 2010, by Zeus Communications

Are you a pet owner or a soon-to-be pet owner? Sign up for this seminar and spend your Saturday afternoon learning more about what's best for your pet. The speakers will share with you on a wide range of topics from food, to nutrition to animal communication and obedience training.Date  :  30 October 2010 (Saturday)Time  :  2.00pm to 6.00pmVenue  :  Capital Tower, 168 Robinson Road, S (068912)Ticket Price  :  $18/- per person with goodie bag worth $30...

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Our Limited Rescue
15th Oct 2010, by Second Chance

Looking at what we have done and are doing, our rescue is really very simple, no high profile rescue. Even with this simple rescue we are quite drained at times especially when viruses attack our poor furrizens. We really admire and envy those big NGOs who are able to rescue on big scale and able to help all those who called for SOS. We have to admit that we are unable to, we are not so capable. Our mission is very simple. We make sure that those furrizens who crosses our path in life get ...

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A Home For Charlie Brown
14th Oct 2010, by Second Chance

Charlie is the other pup beside lucky Nike and Paul whom got adopted on 1st day of Cutie Pet fair. Check out Charlie’s lovely new family =) Lucky Charlie! CHarlie enjoying being the center of attention >_< Thank you so much Mrs Leong for giving CHarlie a home!

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13th Oct 2010, by SPCA Ipoh

This Blog is created for The I.S.P.C.A (The ISPCA) (The Ipoh Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). All information displayed on this Blog is strictly intended for general information and knowledge only. The information displayed herein may be changed and may no longer be accurate after the date it has been uploaded. All information contained is this Blog is posted on an “AS IS” basis and The ISPCA makes no representation or warranty whether expressly or impliedly with r...

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Snoopy.. We’re Gonna Miss You Much!!
13th Oct 2010, by Second Chance

Our rebellious princess Snoopy got adopted yesterday! We’re so so very happy for her and like to take this opportunity to express our heartfelt thanks to Mr Ang for giving Snoopy a home and your generous contribution.   Darling Snoopy, be a good girl and don’t cause too much trouble for Mr Ang alrite? All of us are gonna miss your cheerful spirit in the shed!

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12th Oct 2010, by SPCA Ipoh

Our fellowship was held on Sunday 24th October 2010 at The Lost World of Tambun, Ipoh. It was actually partly held to observe World Animal Day which was hosted by The Lost World of Tambun (The Lost World). Mr Calvin Ho, the General Manager of The Lost World initiated the event by extending a very warm welcome to everyone present. In his speech, Mr Ho informed that The Lost World would assist to rescue any animal that proved difficult to catch or re-home. This certainly was welcoming news to ...

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[Penang] Puppies For Adoption
12th Oct 2010, by Green Animal Shelter & Sanctuary (GrASS)

Here are the photos of the 2 pups who are looking for loving & caring homes. Would be great if someone is willing to adopt both sister & brother to keep the siblings & family together. :) Those interested in adopting please contact GrASS for more information.-Female Pup--Male Pup-

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Peter Got Lucky Too!
12th Oct 2010, by Second Chance

It’s Cutie Pet Fair Day #1, and it’s Peter’s first day out since he were rescued by us, together with his handsome brother Paul and fierce sister Pony =) Little did we know that it’s going to be Peter’s lucky day! He’s the first pup to be adopted from us during Cutie Pet Fair =)     The smile says it all!         Looking smug and handsome after putting on a collar >_< With the 2 lovely & pretty ladies that will be his new f...

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Lucky Nike
12th Oct 2010, by Second Chance

Hi all, meet Nike! Nike was rescued by Uncle Tony from a golf course. Little Nike was at the Cutie Pet Fair Day # 1 looking for adopter. Nike sort of get a privileged treatment from all of us since she/he is still so young and ooh-so-adorable >_<                     Nike’s got her/his own chair *_^ Even get to enjoy the breeze from the fan =) and Uncle Tony’s undivided attention >_<   &#...

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Cutie Pet Fair Nice Pics
11th Oct 2010, by Second Chance

handsome doudou~~please help doudou find his home.....MrsLai~with snow white (adopted!) PawsMission booth @ CutiePetFair 2010Untie Kiew!Hi all~~ more nice pics here:http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=101502 67862115024&set=a.10150267856190024.517875.488 48050023#!/album.php?aid=517875&id=48848050023

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Venus Undergoes A Second Emergency Surgery
11th Oct 2010, by Zeus Communications

Life just keeps getting worse for poor Venus. One mishap after another. Perhaps she would have been better off hit and killed in the car accident. First she was hit and dragged by a car, then "gang raped" by almost ten dogs taking their turns on her, then she suffered a miscarriage, got infected with scabies, underwent a long painful surgery, had a sterilization a couple of days back, and now she has seroma; This is a fluid filled swelling developing under her surgical wound ...

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Cutie Pet Fair 2010 Day 1
10th Oct 2010, by Second Chance

It has been a long, hot and tiring today at Central Park at One Utama. Today will be another fun-filled day at Cutie Pet Fair! So for those who haven’t been able to come yesterday, be sure not to miss the opportunity to check it out. Lots of dog product selling at discounted price, lots of cute adorable dogs looking for home, and you can also get your pets an express groomed, the proceeds goes to PAWS! These adorable dogs are still looking for a home. Please, if you’re thinking of get...

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Grab Your Copy Of Noah's Ark 2011 Calendars Before They Are Sold Out!
10th Oct 2010, by Noah's Ark CARES

Dear Friends and Supporters of Noah's Ark,Thank you very much for your continuous support. Noah's Ark 2010 calendars are ready and have been selling out very fast!You may buy your copy from the following locations or for bulk order, you can fill in an order form and mail to us together with your cheque payment for processing.Alternatively, should you prefer to do an ATM or internet fund transfer, please see our bank details on the right sidebar. Do email us your transaction code to enable us to...

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Marcus Copes With One Eye
9th Oct 2010, by Zeus Communications

Alysha visited Marcus twice while he was at the Vet. She said she wanted to do more than just give her birthday "ang pow" to help with Marcus' Vet bills. She wanted to make an effort to visit him, play with him, ensure that he was well and so, Mommy had to take her to visit!Alysha and Marcus meet for the first time.Marcus somehow knew that Alysha had helped him. Soon as she opened his cage, he melted in her arms and became Baby Marcus. He is really sweet and docile, so it was no wonder that...

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9th Oct 2010, by Second Chance

PLEASE JOIN US FOR this JOY CHARITY PROGRAM at our Booth No. 8 , Cutie Pet Fair 2010, Central Park ,1 Utama Shopping Mall for this weekend (9th & 10th October 2010)You can get 1 bag of Minka 2.9kg for $10 (normal price is RM17.90) at our Booth only ( while stock lasts) .You may take back 1 bag of the delicious and qualityfood for you own dogs or you can donate it to our homeless dogs.

This program is wholly sponsored by Magna Nova

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Hi! I Am So Excited To Meet You!
8th Oct 2010, by Second Chance

our handsome boy~DoudOU~ is so excited that he wants to meet you in person~~Please come to CutiePetFair @ 1Utama (Saturday/Sunday~~9/10 October)..... see ya......^0^!!

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Farewell Sayang, And Yes, It’s A Happy One!!
7th Oct 2010, by Second Chance

  Darling Sayang, we’re so very happy for you. Your kennel mates will miss you so. We will miss you so. Don’t be naughty yeah. We wish you a wonderful life with your new family! Many thanks to Christine for giving Sayang a loving home. We hope she will bring lots of joy to you and your family =)  

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